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Summarizing the past is for better progress, screen printing label of garment accessories factory

July 10, 2023

Last week we finished June Summarize, it is middle time of year 2023, and why we do month but not middle year summarize? as we set a factory goal for each department at end of May. and we would check how it going, and how next to be made, also we do quality standard research at June, and here I will list some information and share with you:

1 Company goal is necessary to unite a thought
2 Problem is never a issue if we find it and plan to solve it. the only issue is we never focus it or we thougth it is so.
3 Rule and Procedure are much more important than habbit.
4 With unit goal, it is a good way to find correct person and eliminate these unqualified.
5 Encouragement is better than blame when some one make mistake, teaching way is super important.
now, we have ISO, OEKOTEX, BSCI, and some clients cooperate with us over 10years.
sure, all we have today need thanks to all our clients and friends, thanks for their trust and support, to be a responsible and grateful factory, we do one thing at our team to passing this grateful heart: Reading and Running, after work, our staff would read with their children or reading alone everyday, and send video or photo to our wechat group, morning or evening jogging also made.

Knowledge is the only thing can change life or improve life, so, no matter u are our client or not, we are always working hard and learn hard. I believe one day we will be friend and know each other.

Finally, thank you again for your time to read my long long mail, and share our photo with you.